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Madam Vu and Maiyo are 2 in 1 Brand. We combine Vietnamese street food which is focusing on northern Vietnam street food and the healthiest drink – Yoghurt purple rice. Customer will not only find their delicious lunch, diner, but they also can enjoy the atmosphere of the modern Vietnamese café and sharing the wonderful experience of drink and music. Therefore, at Madam Vu & Maiyo, We don’t offer you a massive menu, but we will bring to you the best dishes of any massive menus you have tried. We love to see how excited you are when choosing our food with confidence and happiness.

Maiyo yoghurt rice is our main drink product. Yoghurt purple rice is one of the most popular drinks for all Vietnamese people when we were children, but when it comes to Australia, Maiyo has created a new style for it. Is this a bubble tea drink? The answer is Yes, but No. It has got a bubble tea style; however, it is totally different in terms of ingredients and taste. Drinking yoghurt, especially, drinking yoghurt purple rice will help rejuvenate skin and make it healthy and flawless. Yoghurt and purple rice are blended well to deliver an undeniable feeling of the sweet and cool taste. The large straw is a challenge for you when trying to reach the purple rice sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. It is an exciting experience


We are the best pho in Canberra

We are the best Vietnamese pork roll in Canberra

We are the best yoghurt drink in Canberra

Just simply because we are here for you

We are always doing everything to the best of our ability

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